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#P.A.D. – Pick Another Day

December 31, 2017

I love the holidays.  And I truly love to watch all the great things people do to give back during the season.     Whether its buying hundreds of turkeys,  toy drives, gathering blankets, driving around handing out care packages, serving at soup kitchens, sending care packages to the troops, raising money…etc etc the holiday season charitable surge leaves most charities stocked with goods and flush with cash.       Great stuff!  But it falls a tad short of rounding out the rest of the year for most charities.

Want to change the world together?   Pick another day.   Just one more day.  Any day outside of November or December.  Maybe a birthday, anniversary, or even a loved one’s special day, just pick it.  If every single person who gave money, gathered items, volunteered, or help raise cash did it one more day a year, the world would be an incredible place (or at least twice as good).

One more statement, and it’s not meant to be political.   But if we all want something more from our world, we “the people”, have to make it happen.    Don’t count on companies, governments, or anything other than ourselves as a group.

Nope….It’s up to us.   So let’s all double it up (I know some of you give all the time, but still, pick one more day)  Let’s keep doing great things during the holiday season, and then on New Years Eve, let’s PICK ANOTHER DAY. #P.A.D.

So here’s the idea.   Commit! Make a sign.   Write your name, pick the day, the charity, and choose someone else to have them pick a day.   Video or take a picture of your pledge.  Post it/share it/tag others on social media.     Here’s mine.

P.A.D #1

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